Best Explanation Of Mindfulness And Acceptance You Will Find On The Internet

Acceptance is an essential part of overcoming social anxiety. However, I noticed people tend to get confused when trying to understand what acceptance is, and how to put it into practice. They often misinterpret acceptance as giving up, or putting up with something.

In reality, acceptance is about an emotional detachment from a struggle that doesn’t serve us in order to save the energy for constructive problem solving.

This brilliant video explains how mindfulness empowers us, and at the same time, also explains acceptance. The practice of mindfulness is a wonderful way to develop acceptance and overcome social anxiety.

4 thoughts on “Best Explanation Of Mindfulness And Acceptance You Will Find On The Internet”

  1. I love that one, Vipassana meditation has really helped me a lot Just observing what is happening in your body and mind and not labelling it good or bad.

    • Hi Stuart, that’s great to hear. I have quite a few friends who practice Vipassana meditation and they all have nothing but good things to say about it. Mindfulness has helped me a lot too, it’s really a way to live, not just an occasional meditation.

  2. Everything that happened in the past dictates the present.

    Everything that happens in the present dictates the future.

    Therefore, we can dictate a better future by being more present in the present.

  3. Meditation really helps me to stay calm in different kind of situations, i accept the things and handle all with lots of enthusiasm inside me which somehow built with in me just because of my daily practicing meditation habit.


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